Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tip Tuesday: Stop for the Photo Booths

I'm what one might call "photo obsessed". I love capturing as many moments via photo as I can. So, if there's a chance to make a fun memory and capture it, I'm all in! Which is just what we did on our trip a few weeks ago!

Do you remember those fun photo booths where everyone squeezed in the little booth and tried to fit all of your heads into one little square and out popped a fun photo strip at the end? Well, Disney has a couple, and we decided to have some fun at the one in the Tomorrowland Arcade (at the Space Mountain exit) a few weeks ago. (There are actually two at this location)

Hop in the booth and have some fun. At the end you can pick a fun character border or commemorate your trip with a year date. Sure, at $5 for three strips, that's a pretty good deal- a keepsake for you and some to give to the grandparents, or split between friends. However, my tip, and the better value is- don't forget to scan your magic band!! These booths are compatible with Memory Maker!!

That's right, you can scan your band and all of your fun shots will be downloaded right to your account. If you've pre-purchased the Memory Maker photo package (which I highly recommend doing) you'll be able to download the digital images right to your device to share digitally or have printed.

It wasn't crowded (we were there late), and we were having a blast. We just kept switching people and getting back in. These are memories I'll cherish forever- cutting up and making faces with my kiddos. What a blessing.

Here's a list of the photo booth locations:

  1.  Magic Kingdom- Tomorrowland Arcade (exit shop of Space Mountain)
  2. Animal Kingdom- Games of Chance area in Dinoland (near Primaeval Whirl)
  3. Epcot- PhotoWorks area (exit shop of Journey to Imagination or "the Figment ride")
  4. Hollywood Studios- Pizza Planet Arcade
Check out some of the fun we had!

 Not only do you get the strips digitally on your Memory Maker, but they also include the individual photos! Win-Win!!

They also have some that come out as a single photo rather than photo strips

If you've done the photo booths I'd love to see some of your photos as well. Visit my Facebook page and share your photos with me!

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  1. Do you have to pay the $5 in order to add it to your memory maker or is it free if you do only the MM download?

    1. It's free to do the MM download! You only pay if you wish to print the strip there.