About Bird

Hey there, the name's Bird, which is short for Brittiany... sort of, lol. When we were little my younger cousin would try to say my name and it always came out "Birdy" which was eventually shortened to "Bird" and it stuck. I am blessed to be happily married to my best friend, or rather, my Prince Charming, and even more so to be the mother of two amazing kids! I'm a working mom, but when I'm not at work, I'm doing something with the family. Once the family goes to sleep and I have a little "free time" I enjoy blogging and reading.
I didn’t get to experience the yearly trips to Disney growing up, but maybe that’s what makes the magic I experience now all the more special! My love for Disney started with the many Disney movies I would watch at home with my Mama. Disney movies taught me many valuable lessons, from believing in yourself, to having the courage to do what’s right, helping others, never judging someone from the outside, and so much more!
I have dreamed of becoming a wedding coordinator/event planner for quite some time now. Something about making someone’s dreams come true really appeals to me ;-) After a trip to Walt Disney World a few years ago though, my love for all things Disney really began to blossom, and that dream seemed to change a little...

What's better than planning a once in a lifetime event? How about planning a once in a lifetime event over and over again? VACATIONS!! Whether you go to the same place year after year, or venture to a new destination every few years, each vacation can be the trip of a lifetime with the proper planning.

I love helping others plan the vacation of their dreams. I hope to use my blog here to do just that by posting my reviews and tips. I really enjoy finding all the fun stuff to see and do at Disney, especially unique experiences. Maybe my little tidbits will help you find something new and exciting to try on your next trip.  (If so, please come back to tell me all about it!)

The World of Disney is ever changing. There's always something new happening at the various Disney Destinations. I can't wait to share it all with you!!

Thanks for stopping by!