Monday, October 17, 2016

Caribbean Beach Resort: Pirate Rooms

On our recent trip to Walt Disney World, my husband and I decided to stay in the pirate themed rooms at Caribbean Beach Resort. CBR is a moderate resort and is beautifully themed in a Caribbean style. It's a larger resort, and each area is named after Caribbean islands- Aruba, Jamaica, Martinique, Barbados, Trinidad North, and Trinidad South. For the price and the beachy atmosphere, this is one our favorite resorts. 

We usually stay in the preferred section of Martinique, but I have so many ask me about the pirate rooms we thought we'd check them out. They're located in Trinidad South, and are a little bit of a walk from Old Port Royale (the main area of the resort- food court, theme pool, gift shop and marina).

The rooms were really cool though! As with everything, Disney put so much into the details of these rooms. The beds are shaped like pirate ships, with the masts going up the wall as headboards! The bed was pretty comfortable, too.

The chest of drawers was made to look like a stack of old crates. The mini-fridge was disguised as a rum barrel.

The table had a large compass on it.

We were actually given an accessible room, so the bathroom is a little different. I love the lantern light fixture.
These beds were just too cool!

Here's the smaller closet area in the accessible room. Each room does have an iron and ironing board.

Oh, and I was pleasantly surprised by these USB ports. I don't recall ever having seen them in the rooms before.

Overall we liked the rooms. The theming was awesome and fit right into the feel at Caribbean Beach Resort. The walk wasn't a bad one, but that's the only downfall to these rooms. Call us spoiled, but we just honestly prefer the preferred rooms of Martinique. It's so convenient being next to the food court for those late night/early morning runs for coffee and drinks. If you've got a pirate in your group, these are the rooms for you!

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