Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tip Tuesday: Drink of the Day Glass (DCL)

When boarding a Disney Cruise, especially if you get an early port arrival time, you'll have plenty of time to hit the deck and lounge around, or grab a bite to eat. You'll be greeted as you come out on deck by many cheerful cast members offering several beverage options for purchase.

They'll be offering beer packages (delivered to your room), wine packages for dinner, adult beverages to drink now, and the "Drink of the Day" or beer mug. All of these options are, of course, an additional charge which will be added to your stateroom bill. Soda machines will also be found on deck and are included in your cruise fare. Feel free to bring those Yetis and fill 'em up!

Our favorite is the "Drink of the Day" (DotD) cup which we find to be a pretty good value. Each day a new Drink of the Day will be listed on your Personal Navigator. The DotD is a 12oz serving of yummy beverages like a Bahama Mama or Yellow Bird for only $4.75 (plus tax and 15% gratuity).

For around $12 you can purchase this cup (filled with the current DotD), and the cup is yours to keep. The perk or value, you ask? For the remainder of the cruise, when purchasing the drink of the day you get a larger 16oz refill (only when using this cup) for the same low price of $4.75!

When lounging around the pool, servers will take your cup and bring you a fresh new glass each time you order. Though, I will say, we've found the better beverages are from the real bars throughout the ship. Most of them don't have the DotD made in large batches like they do around the pools, so you may get a heavier pour there. We did on several occasions.


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