Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thrifty Thursday: Ways to Save for Disney

Thrifty Thursday
Ways to Save for Disney

Last week I shared with you an interesting way to save for Disney, a Flexible Spending Account. Not quite sure how that can be used to save for Disney? Well, check the article out here, and let me know if you have any questions!

I thought I'd share a couple more ways to save over the next couple weeks. Some of them I'm sure you already do, have heard of or thought of on your own, but in the event a new Disney traveler stumbles upon my blog, I'd like to have the info here for them, too. Today's Ways to Save are definitely some of the more common...

  • Yard Sales
    Cleaned out those closets lately? Yard Sales are a great way to save for Disney. Go through the house room by room. What does Oprah say? If you haven't used it in over 6 months, let it go (unless of course it has sentimental value or is collectible or whatever... you know what I mean). Go through old clothes, books and movies your children have outgrown, movies you've outgrown or lost interest in, kitchen gadgets someone gave you for Christmas or your housewarming party how many years ago that you still haven't used, clean out the garage... you get the idea. Have your yard sale and stash the money away for Disney! Have leftovers? Donate them to a local church, shelter or organization in your area. Not only have you saved for Disney, you've de-cluttered and will feel great!
  • Craigslist
    This is basically the same concept as that above, but works in a pinch if you don't want to mess with yard sales, live in an apartment, or just have a few items here and there. Remember to use caution and common sense when going this route. I've used this for several years and haven't had any bad experiences. Just use your head... and remember to put the money away for Disney!
There you have it, two pretty simple Ways to Save (aside from the work of putting a yard sale together, of course)! Have you done this before? How did you do?

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  1. I am just getting ready to sell bikes on craigslist. It will be my first time using it. I will let you know how it goes. Great tips.

  2. Love the tip about the yard sale! Not only are you getting some extra cash for Disney, you are helping others too! Oh how I miss Oprah!! ;)