Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Memories by Betsy ~ WDW Gift Services

Want to get your Disney vacation off to a magical start? How about a special delivery from your pals at the Happiest Place on Earth?!

On one of our trips we were fortunate enough to have such a thing, courtesy of Memories by Betsy!

Memories by Betsy provides custom gift baskets straight to your resort at a fraction of the cost of what Disney florists would charge! She does special theme baskets, resort baskets, special occasion baskets... whatever you can dream, she can do! She can even include Disney costumes in your delivery. All of her items are authentic Disney Parks merchandise, unless additional items are otherwise requested. The only thing she cannot include in the baskets is food, per Florida health regulations. The basket(s) will be ready and waiting at your resort when you arrive!

Betsy was so great to work with! Her website was easy to use, but I am one who likes to talk with someone one on one sometimes for peace of mind, and she completely understood that. She was great on the phone, and when we started emailing she was very quick to respond. As a matter of fact, I had an email within 2 days that she was already finishing my basket!

Depending on the resort/Cast Members, they could alert you of a delivery upon check in or deliver it directly to your room. Ours was given to us at check-in, but others have had it delivered to their room.

When the CM brought a large package with streamers hanging from it both of the kids took notice, as well as those checking in around me. It was a little too large to fit through the window so he walked it around the counter. That's when I saw the kids' eyes go wide! They practically ran to him. The fact that it wasn't delivered was clearly not a problem for them. They just had to see where it came from, so we read the cute little note attached :-)

The contents settled a little bit in the shuffle from the Customs House to our room, but I assure you it presented very well!

When ordering your basket, you give Betsy the details of whom the basket is for, their names and ages, some favorite characters, Disney interests, etc. She purchases your items, creates the basket, and sends you a photo of the finished product. Being that I love surprises so much, I simply gave her the kids' info and a few of their favorite characters and told her to surprise us! Seeing them open it was as much fun for me as it was for them!!
One of Colten's faves: Sully!

Minnie dressed as Aurora, Tessa's then favorite princess!

Some Cars for Colten

A Disney Princess activity set for Tessa

Once the wrapping came off I couldn't keep the kids out of it long enough to get a photo so I reassembled the goodie basket once they made it through everything. This is more how it looked when it first came around the counter in the first place.
There in the front you can see two autograph photo albums that came with a pen big enough for the characters to hold, one for each child. I highly recommend adding these to your package as they were immediately put to use!

Here's a little video to show you just how much my little guy enjoyed his gift from "Minnie"

And that "Thank you, Minnie" should really go to Betsy of Memories by Betsy! She truly got our trip off to a magical start. The kids had a blast getting such a wonderful surprise, and I enjoyed seeing them so happy.

You can see a multitude of sample baskets on her website, but here are a couple until you make it over there. Remember, you can make them as large or as simple as you'd like. And again, they can be themed, or just have various goodies. You can tell her exactly what you'd like, or she can give you suggestions... She can even have Ears personalized! Whatever you can dream!

Love a specific character?

Traveling in a group and want to surprise the others in your party? Send each of the rooms a little welcome gift :-) (I especially love this idea!)

Will you be in Disney around the holidays? Have a tree delivered to give your room some Disney Holiday Magic!! Then take it home to have a wonderful decoration that will remind you of your magical Disney vacation year after year!

Please be sure to visit Memories by Betsy, and remember her for that special delivery on your next trip!
Memories by Betsy
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This post carries a disclosure Level of 1. Please see my disclosure page for more details. I am in no way affiliated with Memories by Betsy. I received this service at no cost, but that did not influence my opinion in any way! The opinions expressed of her products and services are solely my own. I was quite pleased and happily recommend her for all of your upcoming trips!


  1. Hi Bird!

    After seeing the logo of Memories by Betsy on the top of your blog, I went ahead and "Liked" her on Facebook. The bag looked adorable, but not as adorable as your kiddos playing with all of the goodies! The video of Bubby was great! The "vroom, vroom" and "thank you Minnie" comments were so cute! Your accomodations at Caribbean Beach, from the bit I could see in the pics & video, looked nice as well.

    I must say, though, it was not cool that the CM at check-in acted inconvenienced to have someone deliver the basket to your room. That doesn't seem to be the Disney-way, and I'm sure Disney would appreciate knowing about it.

    Great post about Memories by Betsy! I don't know about anyone else, but I always like to hear reviews :)

  2. I'm glad you posted this! Betsy and her services sound wonderful!! And the basket she did for you was simply well done and adorable!!