Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Disney's Pirate Adventure Cruise Review

Calling all Mateys and Scallywags! Have I got an adventure for you! 

Yesterday I posted about an awesome activity offered at select Walt Disney World Resort hotels- Pirate Adventure Cruises. You can check out the article and all of the pertinent info here. The following is our review of the cruise my daughter took in 2011.

We were staying at the Caribbean Beach Resort which offered the "Island of the Caribbean Pirate Cruise". While some resorts offer daily cruises, CBR offers the cruise only 3 days a week: Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday (though this is subject to change). We went on a Sunday. The cruise starts at 9:30am, but they ask that you be at the dock 20 minutes prior in order to sign release forms and go over some info. You can choose to pay however you'd like here- either use the card you held the reservation with, pay cash, or charge it back to your room.

Two cast members will be there to go over what the kids can expect (and parents, too) and let them all know what they're doing there- hunting treasure!! The story was really cute, especially since the CM (cast member) telling it was so enthusiastic. He had all the kids getting excited and laughing (again parents, too).

The CM got everyone fitted in their pirate gear (bandanas, name tags, and life vests)

They get them all loaded on their vessel, and they set off on their adventure.

Because I wanted photos for her to remember the experience by, and to be able to share with others, I maybe stalked their adventure just a little bit...

 They traveled to different ports (throughout the surrounding waters of the resort) chasing pirates and being chased. They got on and off the boat in search of their treasure until they finally found it and pulled it aboard. The kids could be heard throughout the grounds laughing and carrying on. Clearly they were having a blast!

Once the treasure was secured they made way to land to eat. Treasure hunting works up quite an appetite.

At the end of the two hour cruise they came back to sort through their treasure.

Tessa had an awesome time!!
As a mom, I was a little nervous at first, but clearly there was no need to be. The cast members were great at engaging the kids and getting them involved and excited. I could even see the boat for most of the time (we had lunch and ate outside). My only issue was the lack of photos, lol. I had thought about sending her with a disposable camera, but she was too busy to have taken any photos anyway!

We planned one for our trip last year since Colten was finally old enough to participate and really enjoy it. Unfortunately it was cancelled due to rain. I'll let you know though, they don't always cancel just because of rain. If it's only sprinkling, it will go on as planned. If it is not cancelled and you do not show, you will be charged.

All in all, we highly recommend checking this activity out!! You do not need to be staying at one of the resorts listed in order to do this. Simply call and book your reservation or ask your travel agent to do so. While the kids are cruising, the rest of the party can check out the resort, have brunch or an early lunch, or if you're at the Grand Floridian have a spa treatment!!

For right under $40, you can't beat this! The cruise, the pirate goodies to take home, and the smile on her face were all worth it!! For more info check out my previous post here.

Let me know if you have any questions! Have you done this? What was your experience? Will you be planning a cruise for a future WDW trip?

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