Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tip Tuesday: Passing the Time in Lines

Those wait times can get pretty lengthy in busy months at Walt Disney World, so why not make passing the time a little more fun...

Ever heard of the game Pictopia? It's a fun picture-trivia game using 2-sided cards with questions and pictures. Guess what?! They have both a Disney edition and a Star Wars edition!!

We have both! We pack the cards into ziploc bags and put them in our park bag. We pull them out when it looks like we may be in line a while, or are waiting for our name to be called at a restaurant.

We each take turns asking each other questions, and before you know it we've made it through the lines with lots of laughter and fun no complaints or fighting.

Sometimes we let the person who gets the most correct pick the next ride! You could also let them get a snack or get another fun treat. It's a lot of fun!

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