Friday, August 19, 2016

Foodie Friday: T-Rex Restaurant

Foodie Friday presents a review of
T-Rex Restaurant
at Disney Springs.

 T-Rex Restaurant, as the name suggests, is a large dinosaur themed restaurant in Disney Springs Marketplace. The menu here consists of American favorites such as burgers, salads, steaks, pastas, chicken, seafood, and more. This is considered a Table Service meal on the Disney Dining Plan.

After our cruise in April we decided to go back to Pop Century for a night before heading back home early the next morning. Because it was a last minute decision, we had no reservations. After doing some resort hopping, we headed to Disney Springs. Because many of my clients often request T-Rex and I had never been before, I thought we should check it out.

The crowd surrounding was pretty deep, but I made it to the host's stand to put our name in. Surprisingly, the wait was only expected to be about 50 minutes. We were given a slip of paper with our "Call By" time and were told we could roam around and should come back about 15 minutes prior to the time shown.

We walked down to the Star Wars Galactic Outpost and Super Hero Headquarters to pass a little time before heading back. We had only found a spot to sit down when we'd heard our name called, about 20 minutes early! Once we were called though, we were placed in a line to be seated. This only took about 5 more minutes. It was while waiting in that line that we discovered the cool dino dig they had there for the kids to do. This is actually in the Paleo Zone as they call it where they can dig in the sand or play in Discovery Creek.

The restaurant is split into themed sections, an ice cavern, an underwater scene, a triceratops's midsection... We were seated in the fern forest. The scenery is over the top here. I can see why so many clients with their little dino-lovers would want to check this place out! Lots to see with all of the life-size dinosaurs and overgrown creatures everywhere.

It was crazy busy, but our server was on top of everything. We got our orders in and were just checking things out. Aside from being pretty packed in here (the tables are really close together), we were all enjoying everything until the "meteor shower" started.

The meteor shower is an interactive display where the lights dim down and all of the animals in the restaurant come to life at once with roaring and rumbling. Lights flash across the ceiling and the ice cavern changes colors. This is a lot to take in. It can be very overwhelming for someone who doesn't like loud noises or may have sensory issues. My little guy, 7, is sensitive to noise at times. This definitely didn't go over well for him. It lasted just a few minutes, but he was not a happy camper. We thought we may have to leave, especially since we found out this would happen about every 20 minutes. He agreed to stay through one more to see how he did, but he had to lay down in my lap with me covering his ears.

I tried to take a video for reference to show clients and readers what to expect, but this really doesn't do it justice as to just how loud it was.

The food came not long after, and while it was nothing fancy, it was good! Craig got the Bronto Burger, plain. Colten chose the kids Paleo Pizza, and Tessa and I decided to share the appetizer, Colosso Beef Nachos for Two. Yum!!

We weren't on the dining plan, so we paid about $52 out of pocket for our food and drinks, before tip. I didn't think this was bad for a dining experience like this for the four of us on Disney property.

I would certainly continue to recommend this restaurant as long as you don't have anyone who may have any sensory issues as I mentioned before. It was a very neat experience, but I'm afraid it was a one-time deal for us unless Colten outgrows his sensitivity to noise.

On the way out the kids we excited to check out the Dino-Store, their gift shop. Kids can build their own stuffed dinosaurs, like Build-A-Bear, or choose from lots of other fun toys.

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