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Foodie Friday: Boma - Flavors of Africa

I'm reviewing
Boma - Flavors of Africa
in Animal Kingdom Lodge.

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Boma - Flavors of Africa is a buffet restaurant in the Animal Kingdom Lodge. The food includes cuisine from over 50 African countries and some American classics. They have something for everyone- the advanced palate and the picky eater.

On the last day of a trip last September I realized I had a table service credit left and decided on a whim to try Boma. I went as a walk-up and was told there would be a 25 minute wait. I wasn't surprised. It smelled fabulous, and there was a decent crowd hanging around the check-in area. Luckily, I was seated about 12 minutes later. Nice!

I was seated near the window that looks outside. Boma is on the bottom floor, so it looks out to the shrubbery around the walkway. Not a bad view. I was immediately greeted by my server who brought me some water and a delicious tropical juice (which reminded me a lot of the "Stitch juice" from 'Ohana).

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I made my way to the buffet. It appeared breakfast was pretty typical fare- though there were some foods out that I wouldn't normally have for breakfast. I'm not a super adventurous eater though, so maybe I just gravitated toward the normal food. I did really like the selections though. There were a lot of warm dishes and plenty of pastries and lighter options as well.

I really liked the "on-stage" kitchen. You could see the chefs at work. I imagine at dinner this would be even more cool since they prepare "grilled seafood, roasted meats, vegetarian specialties, fresh salads and house-baked pastries". I can only imagine how this place would smell in the evenings... (pardon me while I wipe the drool from my lip).

I thought it was really neat how all of the food labels showed the African translation as well!

My apologies that the photos aren't that great. I was tired and my battery was dying. Hopefully I can go again soon and get some better ones. (If anyone would like to share some I'd be happy to give you credit!) So, here are my photos.

To recap, this was a great meal. As I mentioned above, I would gladly go back. I'd even like to try dinner. While I'm not an adventurous eater, I think I'd be very willing to try some things here, especially knowing they'd have plenty tasty of options for me that I know I'd be comfortable with. 

If you're staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge, I'd say this isn't to be missed. Even if you're not, I'd say it's worth a visit. This would be great for an "off-day" from the parks. Do some resort hopping and come check out the Animal Kingdom Lodge. See the animals and this beautiful resort. It'll be worth it!

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